How to ace a Phone Interview like a Pro

Are you trying to prepare for an upcoming phone interview but don’t know what to expect? Performing well on a phone interview can help you land the job you want. As unemployment grows, more companies are using phone interviews to screen large pools of qualified candidates.  Here are some tips to make a good impression […]

How to deal with rejection during your Job Search

Are you still in the middle of your job search but can’t deal with any more rejection? These days, it’s common to encounter rejections during your job search. With rejection, it can feel difficult trying to take care of your personal well-being whilst keeping your hunt on track. Thankfully, we have some tips to help you. […]

How to Master Common Job Interview Questions

Need to prepare for that important interview coming up? No matter how many times we have had to experience them, a job interview can be intimidating. But they don’t have to be! We’re here to help you master the most common job interview questions so you can feel confident and prepared when it comes time […]

Powerful Must-Have Job Interview Questions for Cultural Fit

When it comes to the hiring process, employers want to ensure that their new employees will fit with the company culture.  At Your People Partners, we are great believers that finding a candidate based on cultural add over their skillset makes a huge, positive difference in growing your team and helping your business thrive. What […]

The Ultimate Questions to Ask When Hiring a Head of Sales

Searching for the best questions to ask when interviewing a head of sales? Look no further! This blog post will review the top 10 job interview questions you should use when hiring a head of sales. Asking the right questions can be the difference between finding the perfect candidate and missing out on a great […]