Ultimate 7 Sales Interview Questions and Answers Every Founder Must Know

Ultimate 7 Sales Interview Questions and Answers Every Founder Must Know


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Hey there, fellow founder! As someone who has poured their heart and soul into building a thriving business, I know just how crucial it is to find the right people to join your team. And when it comes to bringing on a new salesperson who will be taking the reins from you, nailing the interview process becomes even more vital.

As we gear up to expand our sales team here at Your People Partners, I’ve been delving deep into refining our interview questions to ensure we unearth those standout candidates. After all, as a business owner who is accountable for bringing in new clients, I am scared of getting it wrong when hiring my replacement. Today, I’m excited to share with you seven of my top interview questions and suggested answers that have proven instrumental in identifying star performers for our sales force.

I’ve put together seven questions for now, and no doubt will add more or another post once I’ve perfected things:

Question 1: Sales targets and strategies

Tell me about a time when you exceeded your sales targets. What strategies did you use?

This question gives candidates an opportunity to showcase their track record and reveal their approach towards achieving success in a sales role.

Question 2: Rejection in the sales process

How do you handle rejection or objections during the sales process?

In the world of sales, resilience is key. By asking this question, we gain insights into how candidates cope with challenges – an essential trait for any successful seller.

Question 3: Client relationship building

Can you walk me through your approach to developing long-term client relationships?

Building lasting connections with clients is pivotal in driving sustained business growth. This question enables us to gauge a candidate’s ability not only as a seller but also as a relationship-builder.

Question 4: Difficult sale or client

Share an experience where you successfully turned around a difficult sale or client situation.

Adversity often strikes in the realm of selling – what matters most is how one navigates through it. Through this inquiry, we ascertain both problem-solving skills and tenacity under pressure.

Question 5: Industry trends and growth mindset

How do you stay updated on industry trends and competitor activities? Can you give examples of how this knowledge has benefited your past roles?

Sales professionals need to be well-versed not only in their own products or services but also in market dynamics and competitors’ movements. The response here showcases whether candidates are proactive learners who can leverage industry insights strategically.

Question 6: Lead qualifying process

Describe your most effective method for qualifying leads before pursuing them further in the sales process.

The ability to identify promising opportunities amidst potential leads is crucial – this question provides valuable insight into each candidate’s lead qualification strategy.

Question 7: Cross-function collaboration

Can you provide an example of when collaborating cross-functionally contributed significantly towards closing a deal?

Collaboration across teams can make all the difference; by posing this query, we uncover whether candidates excel at integrating various resources within an organization towards achieving common goals.

By incorporating these seven questions into our interviewing process, we anticipate attracting individuals who embody not only strong sales acumen but also possess adaptability, resilience, and strategic vision, essential traits that resonate deeply with like-minded founders like ourselves.

So go ahead—dissect these questions along with prospective applicants’ responses—and let’s look forward together to building unstoppable dream teams!

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Helen Sanders Managing Director and Chief People Partner
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