Create Your Company’s New Strong Remote Onboarding Experience

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The rise of remote work means we’ve all had to reassess our company’s traditional onboarding practices. If we don’t adapt and renew our practices to the new normal of virtual work environments, we will struggle to hire and keep good staff. Creating your company’s new strong remote onboarding experience is vital for small to medium-sized […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Hiring Your First Employee

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your First Employees at a Startup scaled

A startup company is only as successful as its employees. If you are working on building your own company, you will require a team all employees dedicated to your brand and ready to help you grow. Hiring your first employee is a significant step toward a prosperous future for your organization. When hiring your first […]

Why You Need to use Video in Remote Employee Onboarding

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The Benefits of Using Video in your company’s Remote Employee Onboarding Remote employee onboarding can be challenging for any business, but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing video, employers can ensure a successful onboarding experience for all remote employees. Video is an effective tool for introducing new employees to your company culture, mission, and […]

Remote Onboarding: How to Nail It for Your New Employee

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Welcome to the world of remote onboarding! As a business owner, you know that bringing on new employees can be an exciting time of growth and new opportunities. But when your employee is remote, it can also come with a unique set of challenges. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you have a comprehensive plan […]