Enhance Your SME’s Hiring Process with Virtual Recruitment Tools

Enhance Your SME’s Hiring Process with Virtual Recruitment Tools


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Technology has fundamentally changed how we recruit. Businesses of all sizes can access virtual tools designed to streamline your hiring process. Let’s explore how you can enhance your company’s hiring process with these virtual tools.

For SMEs for marketing, operations, HR, and admin people to join your team, embracing these virtual recruitment tools can be instrumental in overcoming hiring challenges. They can also save you buckets of time, and you hire the right candidates.

Your People Partners is a leading UK recruitment agency for small companies of up to 100 staff. We exist to help you navigate this digital revolution and revolutionise your business’s hiring process.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the myriad benefits of utilising virtual recruitment tools for your company.

Part 1: Leveraging Online Job Portals

Online job portals provide an invaluable platform to advertise your vacancies and attract a diverse pool of candidates. Some best practices to get the most out of these platforms include:

  • Identifying suitable platforms: Research and select job portals relevant to your sector and roles, such as industry-specific job boards or well-known general platforms. Alternatively, ask us to do an audit for you as we will know how to reach your target audience effectively, even if you’d like to do your own advertising.
  • Crafting compelling job advertisements: Write detailed, engaging job adverts. The key here is to never advertise your job description. Your advert is the marketing of your job, not the job description itself.
  • Promoting your company’s unique features: Promote your company’s values, culture, and perks. Don’t assume that these are obvious to applicants and potential employees.
  • Staying active and responsive: Monitor your job postings. Don’t leave candidates hanging. Respond promptly to candidate enquiries. Plus assess your advert’s performance to optimise your approach and maximise your reach. Ask one of our team if you’d like some help on what the performance can be with your own job ads.

Part 2: Enhancing Assessments with Pre-Screening Tools

Pre-screening tools can significantly improve the efficiency of the selection process. Here’s how to utilise them effectively:

  • Automating the screening process: Implement software that scans candidates’ applications. Or use our tech to do this. Our low-cost recruitment support plan can help you without incurring a traditional recruitment fee.
  • Utilising skills assessments: Employ digital tools to test candidates’ technical skills, abilities, or specific knowledge required for the role. Our services include skills and culture fit assessments. Do not rely on interviews alone to assess skills.
  • Conducting online personality tests: Assess candidates’ work styles, values, and cultural fit through online personality tests, identifying those who align with your company’s core values and ethos. Ask us if you’d like to use our Assessment Services for any of the following: culture fit, admin skills, programming skills, finance knowledge. We can also complete DISC profiles for you; however, we recommend DISC personality profiling is only done after the hiring process.

Part 3: Conducting Virtual Interviews

Video conferencing tools offer a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional in-person interviews. Below are some tips for conducting virtual interviews:

  • Choosing a reliable video conferencing platform: Select a video conferencing tool with robust features that ensure a smooth, professional interview experience. You can use Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. No need for a specific platform for your virtual hiring process.
  • Preparing your tech: Ensure both you and your candidates have the necessary equipment, software, and internet connection to avoid any disruptions. With Teams, Google Meet and Zoom, all you both need is the meeting link.
  • Structuring the virtual interview: Plan and outline the interview format. Ask us if you’d like a template. We include questions about them, their skills, motivations and how they like to work. You can also use the interview to assess skills and technical aspects of the role to ensure a comprehensive and streamlined evaluation process.
  • Maintaining professionalism and engagement: Treat virtual interviews just like in-person meetings. Be early, and check your background, picture and sound is on point. Ensure your lunch isn’t down your shirt. And be prepared to create and maintain a professional atmosphere by building rapport with your candidate. Consider non-verbal cues also.

Part 4: Utilising Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

NOTE: This step is only valid if you’re heading into a growth or scale-up phase. We do not advise you consider this step if you have less than 10 hires over the next year.

Applicant Tracking Systems can help you streamline and automate various aspects of candidate management. Consider the following when implementing an ATS:

  • Selecting suitable ATS software: Choose an ATS that provides the necessary features and fits within your budget. We can recommend a few and recently moved from Recruitee to Loxo. Recruitee is great for internal hiring teams. An ATS needs to give you easy candidate database management, job posting, process automation, and reporting capabilities.
  • Integrating with your recruitment strategy: Ensure your chosen ATS seamlessly integrates with your company’s recruitment process, including compatibility with your existing software and tools.
  • Training your hiring team: Provide comprehensive training for your hiring team to ensure they can effectively utilise the ATS, making the most of its features and functionalities. Your hiring team are welcome to join our training workshops. Please reach out to us if you’d like more info.
  • Reviewing ATS performance: Regularly assess the performance of your ATS solution, identifying areas of improvement and making adjustments accordingly to optimise its efficiency.

Maximising the Impact of Virtual Recruitment Tools for Your Business

Harnessing the power of virtual recruitment tools is essential for your company looking to optimise your hiring process.

By leveraging online job portals, enhancing assessments with pre-screening tools, conducting virtual interviews, and utilising Applicant Tracking Systems, your business can streamline the recruitment process, attract top talent, and ultimately foster long-term growth and success.

Your People Partners is committed to supporting you through every stage of the recruitment process, offering our expertise and experience in utilising virtual recruitment tools to benefit your business. Trust in our tailored, innovative recruitment solutions to revolutionise your hiring strategies, equipping your business with the exceptional talent needed for enduring success in an ever-evolving landscape!

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